Growing together

We are innovative and progressive, forever
committed to furthering the economic and
business prosperity of our country, and
having a positive impact on society.

Our world

We are a 21st
century business

The Karimjee Jivanjee Group approach to business is dynamic and progressive; we look to the long term and are astute with a portfolio and breadth of corporate investments and brands.

We are also actively engaged in smart, effective and empathetic philanthropy to better our communities and to support and nurture our younger generation to enable them to become the independent and critical thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

We are family-owned,
founded by the Karimjee
Family with over 197
years of existence.

The Karimjee Jivanjee family has a long and established history in East Africa stretching back to 1825 when the family arrived as traders from Cutch, in India, to the island of Zanzibar.

The history of our family is firstly a fascinating adventure story.
Secondly it is a tribute to our ancestors who crossed the ‘kali pani’ the ‘black waters’ in a dhow from India to Africa at the beginning of the 19th Century. We owe so much to those who had the courage to travel across an unfamiliar ocean to an unknown and at that time forbidding continent. Having reached Zanzibar our ancestors prospered in the face of amazing difficulties through determination, hard work and an enterprising spirit.

A strong, united,
professional and

The Group currently operates in five business
sectors: Automotive, Financial Services,
Real Estate, Energy and Investments.

We are passionate
about making a
positive, long-term

We provide educational scholarships, empower reading and learning, support local communities, advocate science, technology and social entrepreneurship and promote wildlife conservation.

Never being satisfied with what you have accomplished and always striving to be better in what you do. This is the Art of Kaizen.

“What an honour
it will be to do
this as a Karimjee
Jivanjee Scholar!”

Rehema Msulwa

‘All this wouldn’t be
possible if it were not for
the Karimjee scholarship’

Zabibu Kabalika

“All this wouldn’t be
possible if it were not for
the Karimjee Scholarship”

Zabibu Kabalika

“This opportunity
has changed my career in a
positive way”

Dr. Shakilu Jumanne

Work with us

We have a long-term perspective,
and are diversifying into new sectors
and industries.