Rishad M. Karimjee

Executive Director

Rishad has been an Executive Director of Karimjee Group since 2017 and Director of Operations since 2019.

With a background in Accounting & Finance from Durham University, his responsibilities include managing both operational and commercial aspects of the Group and its subsidiaries. Rishad has over 10 year’s experience spearheading new projects and business development in multigenerational, multinational family business environments. At KJL, he has emerged and positioned himself as a new generation leader, exceling in new investments and diversification, innovation and navigating high-growth opportunities. In addition to successfully instituting the Group’s Financial Services arm (SFL), he has built and overseen the family’s real estate portfolio and co-founded the Group’s first Private Equity Fund focusing on emerging African technology startups. Rishad is also a Trustee of the family’s charitable foundation, Karimjee Jivanjee Foundation.