Our people

Our people are
our greatest asset

At the Karimjee Group, we are proud of the
diverse and inclusive culture that we foster as
an integral value that we live by every day.

Our people are
our main driving force.

We are particularly proud of the
learning and development environment
we have created to help our talent
grow and thrive and become
passionate, independent and
confident thinkers.


The scope and breadth of our business
operations provides our employees with
a wide exposure to different business
functions to nurture their careers.

Interested in joining us?

At the Karimjee Group, first and
foremost we develop people from
within, offering our employees
continuous training and development
opportunities and ensuring success
in both their current roles and their
future endeavours.

Secondly, we care for our employees
by promoting employees well-being,
enabling them to grow personally and
professionally while also encouraging
a healthy work-life balance.